About a year ago, I started a cake blog. I didn’t think too much about it – it was just another school assignment. I was teaching myself how to bake and decorate cakes because I needed an internet marketing grade, and I had an interest in baking. Now, it’s become something I love. Maybe because I love to eat, but that’s another issue altogether. Regardless, here we are and here is my new blog.

What started out as a little adventure on Blogger has grown into this, out of recognition of several factors: 1. I felt that I grew out of Blogger a little bit, and that I didn’t have all the options I was looking for. 2. I wanted something fresh and new, with a new name and look. 3. Change is fun.

For the time being, you can still take a look at my old blog, http://www.cake-confections.blogspot.com, but I hope that you’ll find what ends up here to be more interesting in the long run. While the majority of posts are sure to be about – you guessed it – cake, you can also expect to find things like musings of a 20-something girl, my veggie tales (as I’ve recently made the switch to a vegetarian lifestyle), and maybe even a little bit of humour (at least, I think I’m a little bit funny).

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope that you decide to come back again soon. Leave a comment, or check out my Twitter and Facebook profiles for more!

– Courtney

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